My name is Yoan, I am 35 years old and I am French. I am a photographer and filmmaker. I am also a project manager in a multinational company. Don't ask me if I am more "photographer" OR "project manager"... this is nonsense for me to choose. I am both. I love driving innovation and creating sweet memories through my pictures. I don't shoot as many weddings as other photographers. Less is better. I'd rather focus on quality and artistic authenticity.

I love auteur films. Gus Van Sant, Sophia Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, Xavier Dolan, Woody Allen... perhaps this is why I love shooting in analog. Like the old style cinema, engraved in the film forever.

I currently live in the south of France and I am lucky to often travel to the United States and the Caribbean. No matter where I am, what's important for me is meeting and learning about you.

Oh ! one last thing about me : I am pretty discreet and I don't spend much time advertizing my work and speaking about myself, it was bad enough to write that text about me :)

See you soon, for the most important day of your life !